Tips for Living in Destin, Florida

Florida is a popular state for people looking to retire, people looking for vacation homes, or people looking for a place with sunny weather and ocean access. If you are considering moving to Destin, Florida, consider the following tips that will help you make an easier adjustment to your new home.

Take hurricane preparation seriously

Hurricanes are a common concern for many Florida residents, but Destin is in a particularly prime location for hurricanes to do some serious–and even deadly–damage. If you’re living in Destin, you will need to take hurricane preparation very seriously.

Consider the following hurricane preparation tips:

  • Always have a MINIMUM of 72 hours of supplies on hand during hurricane season; supplies should include food that doesn’t need to be cooked or refrigerated, clean drinking water, blankets and clothing sealed for water protection, flashlights and batteries, and anything else you may need if you are without electricity for several days.
  • Buy your supplies early! People rush the stores when there is a gulf storm or hurricane notice, and stores often run out of basic supplies. Make sure you have your supplies ready to go at any time, since the severity and direction of hurricanes can change with very short notice.
  • Learn about storm category ratings and your hurricane evacuation zone. If you live in the first evacuation zone, you are considered more at risk from hurricanes and should always have several back-up plans to leave the area in case of storms that go above Category 1.

Get used to tourists!

Destin is a tourist destination—no pun intended. There are almost always tourists in the city, particularly during the winter and summer months when people are more likely to take a trip down to Florida. April is another popular time for tourists who are enjoying their Spring Breaks from school.

A big influx of tourists can have an impact on things such as traffic, congestion in stores and restaurants, and other areas of city life. And since these tourists are frequently in the city during almost every season, you will need to get used to tourists and the potential frustration they can bring.

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Consider riding a bike

The commute in Destin can be long, especially during the tourist-heavy seasons. You may want to consider riding a bike to commute to work and other destinations, particularly if you only need to travel within the downtown area which is more bike friendly than the rest of the city.

Practice good ocean safety

One of the biggest draws for people to live and visit Destin is its ocean-front beaches. The ocean can be a great place to swim and play, but don’t forget that it can be a dangerous place as well. In the past decade there have been several shark attacks in Destin waters, including at least one case where the attack was fatal. Make sure you read up on proper ocean safety before you set foot in the water, and never swim alone or at night.